Monday, November 23, 2009

LGS Comp Score - November Tourny

This month's tourny didn't go well.
While I went for a maxed Comp score, I didn't take the other factors into account.

I went 1-2 in the tourniment.

First round was a gains an opponent I've played many times.
Ming from Bolter and Chain sword with a sweet Ultramarines force.
This time he brought:
Pedro Kantor
Librarian w/ Might of Ancients
Sternguard w/ Melta
Assault Termis
Another unit of Terminators
Assault marines
Two Las/Plasma Tact squads
Scouts w/ missile launcher
Land Speeder

He has a comp score of 6, while I had a 10

His First turn, Sternguard Drop pod assault destroys my vindicator
My first turn my Dread rolls 6 on the Crazed roll and charges into the sternguard. It kills everyone but the Sergent, Pedro, and the Librarian

Ming Second turn, all his reserves arrive, Two terminators squads, assault marines, and land speeder.
It goes downhill from there.
Preditor has some ineffectual shooting.
Plasma Plague marines have their Rhino popped by the land speeder and are charged by the assault marines.
Sorcerer manages to lash once before his Rhino's popped and is charged by assault terminators.
I do manage to force a morale check on the normal Terminators and sent them running.
On turn 3 my chosen arrive and start the push for then center.

Oh, it was also night for the whole battle, so long-range shooting was dicey.

Games ends after round four with a win for Ming.
I'd like to think if the game went longer, I may have fought back to a tie, but I was soundly out generaled.

Game two was against a new-to-the-games-store Ork Mob
No reserve special rule, so my chosen infiltrated instead of outflanking.
It was spearhead deployment, so I though this might go better.

He had a lot of trucks full of boyz, a battle wagon with Meganobz, and Kanz and a Dreadnought
Comp score of 7 to my 10

With his 'copters scout move he assaulted my stationary pred and destroyed it first turn.
My dread had a decent showing of destroying the Meganobz on a charge.

At the end of turn three, this was a tie.
I was starting to run low on troops
We started turn four, but only got his movement in before time ran out.
He drove a truck in to challenge my objective, leading to a loss.

My army didn't fair well.
I did need some heavy weapons for long-range shots
I shouldn't have gone for the max comp score, since a win is worth so much more then a high comp score.
I also need to play more, I am rusty and a poor general.
This tournament was the first time I'd played in two months

I only have 4 more units to paint before I'm finished with this army.
I would like find a build that has some success before I leave for the guard.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LGS Comp Score - November Tourny

I have a tournament this afternoon at the LGS
It will be the second one I play with their new comp score

This is there method for calculating comp score:

Warhammer 40k

Army Composition: The purpose of army composition is to prevent people from playing armies that are not fun to play against and that ruin the gaming atmosphere for the other players.

Starting score is 5.

+1 if you used 2 or less Heavy Support choices

+1 if you used 2 or less Fast Attack choices
+1 if you used 2 or less Elite choices
-1 if you use any Named Character HQ choice
+1 if you use 4 or more Troops choices
+1 if you only use 1 HQ choice

I find it a little limiting and an arbitrary way to "level" the playing field.
Oh no, A Marine player can only take two units of assault marines.

Last tourny I ignored the score and took 3 Heavys.
That is my standard (and fluffy) build for my Iron Warriors.

This month we've increased the points to 2000, so the 1 HQ, 2 Heavy, and 2 Elite were a very limiting, but I'm giving it a shot.

Here's what I'm going with:
HQ - Lash Sorcerer
Elite - Multi-melta Dreadnought
Elite - Melta and Flamer Chosen w/Rhino
Troop - Flamer Plague Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Melta Plague Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Plasma Plague Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Flamer Chaos Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Melta Chaos Marines w/Rhino
Heavy - Dakka Predator
Heavy - Vindicator

That list will net me a 10 on the comp score at least.

I have no real at-range anti tank, but I'm going to try to swarm my opponents with my resilient troops.

We'll see how it does, at least everything is painted...

Update with pics to follow!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Iron Warriors 'Ard Boyz

I tried my hand at 'Ard Boyz last week.

Came away with one massacre, one complete vicotry, and a tie in round three.

Ended up 6th out of 25

I'll try to do batreps, but I've had to actually do work at work this week.

This was my list, not fluffy at all:

Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"
2500 (2492)

Daemon Prince, +wings, +mark of nurgle, +warptime 175

Sorcerer, +MoS, +Lash 125

Dreadnought, +multimelta 100

7 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +combi-melta, +rhino 276

7 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +rhino, +havoc launcher 281
8 Plague Marines, + 2 meltaguns, +champ, +power fist, +rhino 279
8 Plague Marines, + 2 meltaguns, +champ, +power fist, +rhino 279
8 Plague Marines, + 2 flamers, +champ, +power fist, +plasma pistol, +rhino 284

8 Bezerkers, +champ, +power fist, +rhino 243

Heavy Support

Vindicator, +twin-linked bolter, daemonic possession 150

Vindicator, +twin-linked bolter, daemonic possession 150
2 Obliterators 150

The dreadnaught did ok, soaking some fire, but didn't go crazy once!

I think the MVPs were the 'Zerks, for the first time they really shined
Game one they whipped an assault termi squad and survived a charge from a noise marine squad.

Game two they were ignored as they got trapped behind a blown vindicator in dense urban terrain.

Game three they assaulted the pred contesting my objective, forcing the tie.

My game three opponant (Ming) posted here:

Bolter and Chainsword Blog

He gives a good view of the action.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History (Part 4)

2000 point tourny list

2000 (1998)

Daemon Prince, +wings, +mark of nurgle, +wind of chaos 180


Dreadnought, +multimelta 100

8 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +combi-melta, +rhino 299

8 Plague Marines, + 2 flamers, +champ, +power fist, +plasma pistol, +rhino 284
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +icon of chaos glory, +rhino 250

10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +icon of chaos glory, +rhino 250
6 Noise Marines, +5 sonic blasters, +blastmaster 185

Heavy Support
Vindicator, +daemonic possession, +twin-linked bolter 150

Vindicator, +daemonic possession, +twin-linked bolter 150

2 Obliterators 150

Too busy to post Bat Rep, went 2-0-1 in tourny

Whole Force

Friday, June 19, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History (Part 3)

Next tournament was at 1750 points

I went full Mech with this list:
Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"
1750 (1748)

Daemon Prince, +wings, +mark of nurgle 150

3 Terminators, +heavy flamer, +combi-melta, +combi-flamer 105

8 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +combi-melta, +rhino 299
8 Plague Marines, + 2 flamers, +champ, +power fist, +plasma pistol, +rhino 284
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +icon of chaos glory, +rhino 250
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +icon of chaos glory, +rhino 250

Heavy Support

Vindicator, +twin-linked bolter 130
Vindicator, +twin-linked bolter 130
2 Obliterators 150

Line of Battle

I think I found a happy medium between fluffiness and effectiveness. I only took nurgle forces, claiming they had lots of robotic enhancements (reason for FNP)

I still maxed out my heavy support slots, like the IW should

I wanted to try the termicide out for a little extra umph (turned out to be very little umph)

In the tourny I went 1-2-0.

Battle one vs Marines,

Annihilation, Pitched Battle, Lost 8 to 3

My opponent is a much better tactician then I am.
He went first ans set his forces up on high ground with good lanes of fire.
He had a balanced Ultramarine force with 2 Tact squads, 2 Multimelta landspeeders, Vindicator, Termi squad and Pedro, I think there was a couple more marine squads in there too.

This battle took place on a dense urban terrain.
I made the mistake of splitting my units into three teams, so each team was too weak to operate independently.
Team 1, PM and CSM
Team 2, CSM, DP, and Vindicator
Team 3 PM and Vindicator

I went on the offensive, team three started a wide end around that took them 3 turns to do.
This left the first two teams unsupported.
My Plasma PM squad hopped out of the rhino and poured some rapid-fire into the termi squad, killing no one. Next turn those termis slaughtered the PMs
The MM landspeeders came around and got some side armor hits on a vindi and a couple rhinos.

All in all I was out-generaled in theis battle.

Battle two vs Marines,

C&C Spearhead, Lost 1 to 0
This battle had a fun rule that we could drop in any two units
I chose a PM and CSM squad, both in Rhinos.
My opponant had a Tact squad and a Land raider with

My opponant had an agressive black templar force.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History (Part 2)

My second was a month later, this time at 1500 points

This was my army that day:

Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"

Daemon Prince, +wings, +mark of nurgle 150

8 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +combi-melta, +rhino 299
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +twin-linked bolter, +rhino 245
7 Noise Marines, +6 sonic blasters, +champ, +power weapon, +doom siren 215
5 Noise Marines, +Blastmaster

Heavy Support
Defiler, +Heavy Flamer, +Dreadnought CCW

Defiler, +2 Dreadnought CCW 150 2 Obliterators 150

This time, instead of remaining loyal to the Iron Warriors fluff, I had all kinds of cult troops. I did max out my heavy support slots at least...

I liked the idea of the shootiness of the Noise Marines, and wanted to try them out.

In the tourny I went 1-2-0.

Battle one vs Marines,

C&C, Spearhead Won 2 to 1

My opponent had a generic Marine squad of two 5 man Thunderhammer Termis, a large scout squad, one Tach squad and Sternguard in a drop pod.

There were three objectives, one in each of our home corners, and one in the middle.

He set up his scout squad in cover on his objective, my objective was guarded by the blastmaster team.

Turn one he dropped the sternguard between my two noise marine squads and rapid-fired fancy bolter shots in to the 7 man squad, killing 5. Next round, the blastmaster team killed 3 of the sternguard, the oblits poured some plasma love in, and then the doom siren cleared up the rest. My objective was secure.

Meanwhile my PM and CSM, with the help of the two defilers and DP seized the objective mid field. The now-empty rhinos and defilers kept the Termis from getting close enough to ever contest.

Battle two vs Nidzilla

Annihilation, Pitched battle, Lost to 3 to 11 (I was tabled)

This was my first encounter with a Nidzilla force, and it was the typical nidzilla force.

The worst thing about battle was Night Fight rulles were in effect the whole time.

Nids chose to go second, so I had first go.

I set up in a gunline, and hoped to light things up with the four vehicles spotlights.

Round one I didn't see anything, Nids came closer. The dakkafexes poured re-rolling rounds into the noise marines.

Round two the oblits got two lucky shots (and wounds) on the approaching hive tyrant. No one else say ANY of the approaching horde. The dakkafexes killed both noise marine squads, the hive tyrant crushed a defilier and the one team of geansteallers got locked in with the PMs.

Round three my DP charged and killed the weakened hive tyrant. The CSM squad shot and charged a geanstealer squad, forcing the bugs to flee. Unfortunately the big bus got to my lines and started carving them up.

Buy round five I had no units left and conceeded.

Battle Three vs Daemons

C&C, & DOW, Loss due to anhiliation

This battle was an utter disaster. This was also the first time I had seen Daemons.

I set up a little firebase of my noise marines and DP.

Then half his army popped in. Flamers with 3 of that rediculus template that ignores armor and cover made short work of my nose and plague marines. The khorne deamons (bloodletters?) getting the charge slaghtered everyone else. My DP mad a good show and took out one of their HQ (some giant khorne daemon).

By turn four I was wiped out except for one rhino, and threw in the towel.

Last Guy standing

This was a good tournament, where I really got to try out my team on some different armies (I had never seen big bugs or Daemons before) It was humbling to have my ass handed to me in the last two battles. The MVP was my DP for at least putting up a fight.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History -Part 1

Eventually I will be getting to the Imperial guard force I'm building, but I thought I would discuss the Iron Warriors force I've been playing with lately.

My first tournament at the FLGS was at 750 points

This was my army that day:

Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"


  • Chaos Lord, +power weapon, + mark of khorne 115


  • 8 CSM, +flamer, +champ, +power weapon, +rhino 190 (Assault squad, with Lord attached)
  • 10 CSM, +missle launcher, +meltagun, +rhino, +havoc launcher 220 (Fireteam)

Heavy Support

  • Obliterator 75
  • Defiler, +heavy flamer 150

I wanted a force that was somewhat loyal to the Iron Warriors fluff, while being competitive. I tried to fit as much heavy support in and limit the daemon-ness. The MOK was really just a "counts as" for the scorpion servo-arm coming off the back of my lord model

In the tourny I went 2-0-1.

Battle one vs 'Nids,

Seize Ground, DoW, Won 2 to 0

He had two geanstealer squads, one ripper squad, and a trio of warriors

I started with both CSM squads in cover and let him come at me.

My Defiler was the hero of this battle with the battle cannon wiping a geanstealer squad and the ripper squad

In the course of the battle I only lost 4 CSM and a rhino when I successfully charged my assault squad into the last of the geanstealers and took the 'Nid objective.

Battle two vs Ultramarines

C&C, Pitched battle, Won 2 to 0

The UM's had one tact squad that was combat squadded, one sniper scout squad led by Telion, a librarian, and whirlwind. A dreadnought in a drop pod would be arriving on the first turn.

He set up a firebase around his objective consisting of the scout team, librarian, and missile launcher combat squad. The combat squad with pw sgt and flamer was loaded into a rhino, with the hopes of assaulting my objective after his dread weakened my firebase.

Turn one his dread dropped in front of my fireteam, who was guarding my home objective, and hit it hard with a flamer. I lost my missile launcher but saved the meltagun, which turned the dread into slag the next turn.

The sniper scouts focused on the Oblit that I had placed in cover. Over three rounds the Oblit picked off most of the scouts and combat squad with plasma cannon shots. Turn four the scouts finally silenced him.

The UM assault foundered as it met the Defiler midfield. Turn three the defiler ripped open the rhino, stranding the 5 marines in the open, where they were slaughtered to a man.

Meanwhile the IW assault squad streaked diagonally up the field under the cover of the Oblits fire. On turn four they reached the scout remnants, assaulted and slaughtered them. The librarian led the UM's holding the objective in a desperate assault, but were cut down by my Lord.

The whirlwind desperately tried to finish off my firebase team that had been ravaged by the dread, but they went to ground in a bunker and survived the battle.

Turn five my opponent conceded as he had no troops left, while I had two objectives secured.

Battle Three vs World Eaters

Annihilation & Spearhead, Tie 4 to 4

This battle was a mess as I was taunted into charging my assault team into Kharne

Initially I was set up to receive his charge, and did pick off most of his approaching units.

The whole battle he was talking about how awesome Kharne was, so I wanted to silence him.

Turns out Kharne was more then a match for my assault squad and Lord, as they fell to his hand.

When the dice god ended the battle in turn five I was satisfied with the tie.

It was a great tournament, where I really got to try out my team on some different armies (I had never seen 'Nids before) The MVP was the Defiler, who was a house, attracting copious fire, only to shrug it off with the deamonic possession. In these low point games, it was key as no one had powerfists or heavy weapons able to do serious hurt.