Monday, November 23, 2009

LGS Comp Score - November Tourny

This month's tourny didn't go well.
While I went for a maxed Comp score, I didn't take the other factors into account.

I went 1-2 in the tourniment.

First round was a gains an opponent I've played many times.
Ming from Bolter and Chain sword with a sweet Ultramarines force.
This time he brought:
Pedro Kantor
Librarian w/ Might of Ancients
Sternguard w/ Melta
Assault Termis
Another unit of Terminators
Assault marines
Two Las/Plasma Tact squads
Scouts w/ missile launcher
Land Speeder

He has a comp score of 6, while I had a 10

His First turn, Sternguard Drop pod assault destroys my vindicator
My first turn my Dread rolls 6 on the Crazed roll and charges into the sternguard. It kills everyone but the Sergent, Pedro, and the Librarian

Ming Second turn, all his reserves arrive, Two terminators squads, assault marines, and land speeder.
It goes downhill from there.
Preditor has some ineffectual shooting.
Plasma Plague marines have their Rhino popped by the land speeder and are charged by the assault marines.
Sorcerer manages to lash once before his Rhino's popped and is charged by assault terminators.
I do manage to force a morale check on the normal Terminators and sent them running.
On turn 3 my chosen arrive and start the push for then center.

Oh, it was also night for the whole battle, so long-range shooting was dicey.

Games ends after round four with a win for Ming.
I'd like to think if the game went longer, I may have fought back to a tie, but I was soundly out generaled.

Game two was against a new-to-the-games-store Ork Mob
No reserve special rule, so my chosen infiltrated instead of outflanking.
It was spearhead deployment, so I though this might go better.

He had a lot of trucks full of boyz, a battle wagon with Meganobz, and Kanz and a Dreadnought
Comp score of 7 to my 10

With his 'copters scout move he assaulted my stationary pred and destroyed it first turn.
My dread had a decent showing of destroying the Meganobz on a charge.

At the end of turn three, this was a tie.
I was starting to run low on troops
We started turn four, but only got his movement in before time ran out.
He drove a truck in to challenge my objective, leading to a loss.

My army didn't fair well.
I did need some heavy weapons for long-range shots
I shouldn't have gone for the max comp score, since a win is worth so much more then a high comp score.
I also need to play more, I am rusty and a poor general.
This tournament was the first time I'd played in two months

I only have 4 more units to paint before I'm finished with this army.
I would like find a build that has some success before I leave for the guard.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

LGS Comp Score - November Tourny

I have a tournament this afternoon at the LGS
It will be the second one I play with their new comp score

This is there method for calculating comp score:

Warhammer 40k

Army Composition: The purpose of army composition is to prevent people from playing armies that are not fun to play against and that ruin the gaming atmosphere for the other players.

Starting score is 5.

+1 if you used 2 or less Heavy Support choices

+1 if you used 2 or less Fast Attack choices
+1 if you used 2 or less Elite choices
-1 if you use any Named Character HQ choice
+1 if you use 4 or more Troops choices
+1 if you only use 1 HQ choice

I find it a little limiting and an arbitrary way to "level" the playing field.
Oh no, A Marine player can only take two units of assault marines.

Last tourny I ignored the score and took 3 Heavys.
That is my standard (and fluffy) build for my Iron Warriors.

This month we've increased the points to 2000, so the 1 HQ, 2 Heavy, and 2 Elite were a very limiting, but I'm giving it a shot.

Here's what I'm going with:
HQ - Lash Sorcerer
Elite - Multi-melta Dreadnought
Elite - Melta and Flamer Chosen w/Rhino
Troop - Flamer Plague Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Melta Plague Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Plasma Plague Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Flamer Chaos Marines w/Rhino
Troop - Melta Chaos Marines w/Rhino
Heavy - Dakka Predator
Heavy - Vindicator

That list will net me a 10 on the comp score at least.

I have no real at-range anti tank, but I'm going to try to swarm my opponents with my resilient troops.

We'll see how it does, at least everything is painted...

Update with pics to follow!