Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History -Part 1

Eventually I will be getting to the Imperial guard force I'm building, but I thought I would discuss the Iron Warriors force I've been playing with lately.

My first tournament at the FLGS was at 750 points

This was my army that day:

Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"


  • Chaos Lord, +power weapon, + mark of khorne 115


  • 8 CSM, +flamer, +champ, +power weapon, +rhino 190 (Assault squad, with Lord attached)
  • 10 CSM, +missle launcher, +meltagun, +rhino, +havoc launcher 220 (Fireteam)

Heavy Support

  • Obliterator 75
  • Defiler, +heavy flamer 150

I wanted a force that was somewhat loyal to the Iron Warriors fluff, while being competitive. I tried to fit as much heavy support in and limit the daemon-ness. The MOK was really just a "counts as" for the scorpion servo-arm coming off the back of my lord model

In the tourny I went 2-0-1.

Battle one vs 'Nids,

Seize Ground, DoW, Won 2 to 0

He had two geanstealer squads, one ripper squad, and a trio of warriors

I started with both CSM squads in cover and let him come at me.

My Defiler was the hero of this battle with the battle cannon wiping a geanstealer squad and the ripper squad

In the course of the battle I only lost 4 CSM and a rhino when I successfully charged my assault squad into the last of the geanstealers and took the 'Nid objective.

Battle two vs Ultramarines

C&C, Pitched battle, Won 2 to 0

The UM's had one tact squad that was combat squadded, one sniper scout squad led by Telion, a librarian, and whirlwind. A dreadnought in a drop pod would be arriving on the first turn.

He set up a firebase around his objective consisting of the scout team, librarian, and missile launcher combat squad. The combat squad with pw sgt and flamer was loaded into a rhino, with the hopes of assaulting my objective after his dread weakened my firebase.

Turn one his dread dropped in front of my fireteam, who was guarding my home objective, and hit it hard with a flamer. I lost my missile launcher but saved the meltagun, which turned the dread into slag the next turn.

The sniper scouts focused on the Oblit that I had placed in cover. Over three rounds the Oblit picked off most of the scouts and combat squad with plasma cannon shots. Turn four the scouts finally silenced him.

The UM assault foundered as it met the Defiler midfield. Turn three the defiler ripped open the rhino, stranding the 5 marines in the open, where they were slaughtered to a man.

Meanwhile the IW assault squad streaked diagonally up the field under the cover of the Oblits fire. On turn four they reached the scout remnants, assaulted and slaughtered them. The librarian led the UM's holding the objective in a desperate assault, but were cut down by my Lord.

The whirlwind desperately tried to finish off my firebase team that had been ravaged by the dread, but they went to ground in a bunker and survived the battle.

Turn five my opponent conceded as he had no troops left, while I had two objectives secured.

Battle Three vs World Eaters

Annihilation & Spearhead, Tie 4 to 4

This battle was a mess as I was taunted into charging my assault team into Kharne

Initially I was set up to receive his charge, and did pick off most of his approaching units.

The whole battle he was talking about how awesome Kharne was, so I wanted to silence him.

Turns out Kharne was more then a match for my assault squad and Lord, as they fell to his hand.

When the dice god ended the battle in turn five I was satisfied with the tie.

It was a great tournament, where I really got to try out my team on some different armies (I had never seen 'Nids before) The MVP was the Defiler, who was a house, attracting copious fire, only to shrug it off with the deamonic possession. In these low point games, it was key as no one had powerfists or heavy weapons able to do serious hurt.


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