Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History (Part 2)

My second was a month later, this time at 1500 points

This was my army that day:

Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"

Daemon Prince, +wings, +mark of nurgle 150

8 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +combi-melta, +rhino 299
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +twin-linked bolter, +rhino 245
7 Noise Marines, +6 sonic blasters, +champ, +power weapon, +doom siren 215
5 Noise Marines, +Blastmaster

Heavy Support
Defiler, +Heavy Flamer, +Dreadnought CCW

Defiler, +2 Dreadnought CCW 150 2 Obliterators 150

This time, instead of remaining loyal to the Iron Warriors fluff, I had all kinds of cult troops. I did max out my heavy support slots at least...

I liked the idea of the shootiness of the Noise Marines, and wanted to try them out.

In the tourny I went 1-2-0.

Battle one vs Marines,

C&C, Spearhead Won 2 to 1

My opponent had a generic Marine squad of two 5 man Thunderhammer Termis, a large scout squad, one Tach squad and Sternguard in a drop pod.

There were three objectives, one in each of our home corners, and one in the middle.

He set up his scout squad in cover on his objective, my objective was guarded by the blastmaster team.

Turn one he dropped the sternguard between my two noise marine squads and rapid-fired fancy bolter shots in to the 7 man squad, killing 5. Next round, the blastmaster team killed 3 of the sternguard, the oblits poured some plasma love in, and then the doom siren cleared up the rest. My objective was secure.

Meanwhile my PM and CSM, with the help of the two defilers and DP seized the objective mid field. The now-empty rhinos and defilers kept the Termis from getting close enough to ever contest.

Battle two vs Nidzilla

Annihilation, Pitched battle, Lost to 3 to 11 (I was tabled)

This was my first encounter with a Nidzilla force, and it was the typical nidzilla force.

The worst thing about battle was Night Fight rulles were in effect the whole time.

Nids chose to go second, so I had first go.

I set up in a gunline, and hoped to light things up with the four vehicles spotlights.

Round one I didn't see anything, Nids came closer. The dakkafexes poured re-rolling rounds into the noise marines.

Round two the oblits got two lucky shots (and wounds) on the approaching hive tyrant. No one else say ANY of the approaching horde. The dakkafexes killed both noise marine squads, the hive tyrant crushed a defilier and the one team of geansteallers got locked in with the PMs.

Round three my DP charged and killed the weakened hive tyrant. The CSM squad shot and charged a geanstealer squad, forcing the bugs to flee. Unfortunately the big bus got to my lines and started carving them up.

Buy round five I had no units left and conceeded.

Battle Three vs Daemons

C&C, & DOW, Loss due to anhiliation

This battle was an utter disaster. This was also the first time I had seen Daemons.

I set up a little firebase of my noise marines and DP.

Then half his army popped in. Flamers with 3 of that rediculus template that ignores armor and cover made short work of my nose and plague marines. The khorne deamons (bloodletters?) getting the charge slaghtered everyone else. My DP mad a good show and took out one of their HQ (some giant khorne daemon).

By turn four I was wiped out except for one rhino, and threw in the towel.

Last Guy standing

This was a good tournament, where I really got to try out my team on some different armies (I had never seen big bugs or Daemons before) It was humbling to have my ass handed to me in the last two battles. The MVP was my DP for at least putting up a fight.


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