Friday, June 19, 2009

Iron Warriors Tourny History (Part 3)

Next tournament was at 1750 points

I went full Mech with this list:
Iron Warriors 7th Company "The Siegebreakers"
1750 (1748)

Daemon Prince, +wings, +mark of nurgle 150

3 Terminators, +heavy flamer, +combi-melta, +combi-flamer 105

8 Plague Marines, + 2 plasmaguns, +champ, +power fist, +combi-melta, +rhino 299
8 Plague Marines, + 2 flamers, +champ, +power fist, +plasma pistol, +rhino 284
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +icon of chaos glory, +rhino 250
10 CSM, +meltagun, +flamer, +champ, +power fist, +icon of chaos glory, +rhino 250

Heavy Support

Vindicator, +twin-linked bolter 130
Vindicator, +twin-linked bolter 130
2 Obliterators 150

Line of Battle

I think I found a happy medium between fluffiness and effectiveness. I only took nurgle forces, claiming they had lots of robotic enhancements (reason for FNP)

I still maxed out my heavy support slots, like the IW should

I wanted to try the termicide out for a little extra umph (turned out to be very little umph)

In the tourny I went 1-2-0.

Battle one vs Marines,

Annihilation, Pitched Battle, Lost 8 to 3

My opponent is a much better tactician then I am.
He went first ans set his forces up on high ground with good lanes of fire.
He had a balanced Ultramarine force with 2 Tact squads, 2 Multimelta landspeeders, Vindicator, Termi squad and Pedro, I think there was a couple more marine squads in there too.

This battle took place on a dense urban terrain.
I made the mistake of splitting my units into three teams, so each team was too weak to operate independently.
Team 1, PM and CSM
Team 2, CSM, DP, and Vindicator
Team 3 PM and Vindicator

I went on the offensive, team three started a wide end around that took them 3 turns to do.
This left the first two teams unsupported.
My Plasma PM squad hopped out of the rhino and poured some rapid-fire into the termi squad, killing no one. Next turn those termis slaughtered the PMs
The MM landspeeders came around and got some side armor hits on a vindi and a couple rhinos.

All in all I was out-generaled in theis battle.

Battle two vs Marines,

C&C Spearhead, Lost 1 to 0
This battle had a fun rule that we could drop in any two units
I chose a PM and CSM squad, both in Rhinos.
My opponant had a Tact squad and a Land raider with

My opponant had an agressive black templar force.


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